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Mona Azarbayjani (Ph.D., MBA) has over 13 years of experience managing large federal projects, investment strategies, business development, and fundraising. She led the DoE’s project on designing a net-zero energy building and managed more than 100 people and numerous contractors. She was also the co-founder and CEO of Aryana Technology, the leading information technology consulting and staffing firm delivering tailored IT support to organizations of any size. At  Aryana Technology, she recruited an excellent management team. She helped to grow the company from the two co-founders to several employees with development centers in Alaska, California, and North Carolina. Mona has a proven track record of successfully leading multi-disciplinary teams focusing on Human-Centric design, which aims to improve the experience of older adults through a healthy behavior change app.

Co-founder, CEO

Hamed Tabkhi (Ph.D.) is the CTO/Co-founder at ForesightCares and an AI educator/entrepreneur. He has over 12 years of experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer system design. Hamed Tabkhi has led and managed more than $4.5M of federal and state grants for real-world integration of AI applications through close collaboration with leading industries and stakeholders to address societal and economic challenges. He collaborates extensively with industries such as Analog Devices, Qualcomm, Xilinx/AMD, and Nvidia. Hamed Tabkhi is the co-creator of the Vision Pipeline Processor at Analog Devices for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems. He is also the former Technology Officer at Hummingbirds AI. At Hummingbirds, he led a multi-dimensional team to create the first continuous AI-based authentication on edge devices.


Co-founder, CEO


Reza Baharani (PhD) has more than ten years of AI development, Software Engineering, and computer system design. He has significant engineering leadership and management, leading large teams and building & scaling teams from the ground up in fast-growing environments. He was the architect and lead engineer in an NSF-funded project to build an end-to-end AI video analytic pipeline for decentralized situational awareness in smart city applications. As part of this effort, he architected, designed, and built large-scale data infrastructure/platform solutions to support community-in-the-loop AI systems to enhance public safety. He was also the system engineer in Astranis to build highly optimized AI intelligence for satellites.

AI Engineer

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